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Helping schools raising funds during lockdown and beyond

With lockdown schools are struggling to raise funds as there are fewer opportunities to get parents and the community to help financially. 

We know as a fact that parents love to help the schools, but often need a little push.  So we help schools with building a selection of beautiful products, the school offers it to parents and carers and we then do a 50% split on all the sales we get for products.  With the goal to help out schools in this difficult times, we have developed a few products and strategies that can help your school immediately and also plan ahead for the year.

Easy Steps for Painless Fundraising

1 -Get in touch -  fill in the form or talk to us and we define the campaigns that are relevant for your school and we build a plan according to your needs. 

2- Agree on the strategy -  You commit to offering the products to all school parents either by placing an order sheet, sending them a link for an order or sending the product straight to the parents in the kids bag after being quarantined to eliminate the risk of COVID 19 contamination. 

3- Product delivery - We develop the products ourselves and deliver it to your school, or alternatively directly to the parents by post, however this reduces the fund raising potential for the school.

The school pays the invoice for the product at delivery.

A school with 250 students can typically raise £1250 in one campaign, but we can schedule 2 or 3 campaigns throughout the year depending on the school. 

In addition to the products we develop, we will gift a Limited A4 Print  framed in A3 for you to run a silent auction at the same time you send the communication  to the parents. The initiative can be driven by the school or by the PTA.

Examples of products :

Kids Customised Greeting Cards x 10 (Anytime, Easter, Christmas)- in this option we provide templates  so the kids can paint and then the school returns the artwork and we prepare the products.  Price - £10 and the school retains £5 profit.

Local Surroundings Landmarks  Greeting Cards x 10 - places people love with some walking destinations.  Price £10 and the school retains £5 profit.

We will send you templates and directions on how to customise the cards with your students. 

We help nurseries, primaries & secondary schools to raise funds, by offering parents beautiful selected local landmarks greeting cards. 

We can co-brand the cards with your school logo with no risk for the school and we do as 50% revenue share. And parents get beautiful products.


To see what your card would look like, please upload your logo so you can  see what it a mock up of bespoke cards.

Screen Shot 2021-01-02 at 16.54.04.png

If your school or nursery is in need of funds, get in touch with us, we will love to help you, you can do it  by filling the form below or talk to us on WhatsApp

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