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Memory Makers

Memory Makers are passionate about good art, design,  locations we love and things that make them feel proud of where they live.   

It took us a lifetime to find the right artist to work with to begin this journey, but the results are pretty awesome! We hope you agree.


We develop secondary destinations where souvenirs are scarce and we partner with local photographer and artists to create beautiful collections.

We do everything we can to be sustainable and we help plant trees and we offset our carbon footprint using only certified providers. 


Our products help businesses increase their average ticket on a turnkey solution. We demand the highest printing standards and apply attention to detail throughout the whole of the design process.

We believe in fair trade,  fair price to our customers for a fair product, plus fair dealings with our brilliant artists, suppliers, partners & retailers. We believe in honesty and integrity on all levels of business.

Memory Makers Logo
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