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A Royal Parade, watercolour & ink painting

This is a fine art print of the original watercolour & ink painting of a Royal Parade on Pall Mall in 2018. 

Throughout the summer there are regular spectacular events for the public to see, in addition to the daily Changing of the Guard. The regular presence of the active-duty Foot Guards, dressed in tall bearskin hats and red tunics, has cemented their relation to the protection of the Royal Palaces, including Windsor Castle. Military Bands are also customarily present at many events, whether playing traditional marches or familiar pop or musical songs guarantee an exciting atmosphere.

Ceremonies include the Trooping of the Colour (the Queen’s Birthday ceremony), the Remembrance Ceremony and the State Opening of Parliament. 

See the palace yourself by going to and entering: silver.narrow.lions 


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Watercolour by Marcus Müller

Pictured by Alex Barros

A Royal Parade, watercolour & ink painting
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